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Learn from it all - the stories and the science

Big Dick Energy: The History of the Big Dick Pt. III

If Europeans were into smaller penises for literal centuries—why are so obsessed with big dicks in the United States these days? 

Painful Sex: Is the Cervix to Blame?

Today’s all about unmasking the culprit behind painful sex—is it the cervix… or something else?

I'm Not Ovary-Acting Pt. II: Pelvic Health in the Doctor’s Office

What does the research say is happening in doctor’s offices and what’s their sexual health training like? Let’s get into it.

I'm Not Ovary-Acting Pt. I: The Results

Studies tell a grim tale: healthcare professionals provide worse care to women and people with vaginas simply because of their gender or their bodies. Of course, this isn’t always the case...

Dicks of the stone age: The history of the big dick pt. II

Now that we're gotten a handle on current theories about why humans developed larger penises in the first place—let's flip over the ol' sandglass and take a trip back in time. 

Is bigger really better? The history of the big dick Pt. I

At Ohnut, we are intimately aware of the realities of painful sex—and the myths too. When we look at how people on the internet typically talk about pain during penetration, it’s usually chalked up to three words: Dick Too Big. And while a lot of the time painful sex isn’t about big dicks… sometimes it is. 

Postpartum Pleasure

Have fun in your lovin’ with a bun in the oven!

Anal Sex: Why Does It Hurt?

Anal sex! It’s happening aaaall around us. And has probably been happening since the dawn of buttholes—just look at t...

What to Expect at Your 6-8 Week Postpartum Visit

Ahhhh, the postpartum visit. You’ve had a baby and now you’re back at the doc’s office 6 weeks later. But why is it important? And what can you expect at your visit?

Pelvic Gym: Behind the Scenes

It started with a pandemic. As confusing and devastating as it was, it was also a time to get creative. 

The 12 Names of Ohnut, in SONG

A festive celebration of moderately inappropriate Ohnut nicknames.

Lack of Diversity in Healthcare Professions, Explained Pt. III

By the 8th grade, the wealthiest (top 10% household income) students are 3 to 4 years ahead of the poorest (bottom 10% of household income) students.
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