Lack of Diversity in Healthcare Professions, Explained Pt. III

30% of white students enrolled in kindergarten will go on to achieve an undergraduate degree. That's compared to only 17% of Black and 11% of Hispanic/Latinx kindergarten students.

Why does this matter?

Greater diversity in higher education could lead to better health outcomes for everybody.

"Over 75% of medical students found that diversity helped them to rethink their viewpoints when racial and ethnic conflicts occurred, and the same percentage felt that diversity provided them with a greater understanding of medical conditions and treatments."

But we're on a backward slide.

Affirmative action bans in 6 states have lead to a 17% decline in underrepresented BIPOC students entering medical school.

And achievement gaps remain.

By the 8th grade, the wealthiest (top 10% household income) students are 3 to 4 years ahead of the poorest (bottom 10% of household income) students.

So... what can we do? Well, change starts early.

Vote for higher quality education

Support organizations like these


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