Sexual Wellness Spotlight: Dipsea

It’s exciting times in the growing world of sexual health—from empowering wearable vibrators to vagina-friendly lubes to squishy communication-starters, the bedroom is again a whole new frontier. Dipsea, the app that’s rocking our world, carves out a unique place for itself. Acknowledging and embracing that sex is just as psychological as it is physical, they ask the question: “What are you thinking about in bed?”

We chatted with Dipsea’s CEO & Co-Founder, Gina Gutierrez, to get the full scoop.


What’s Dipsea?

“Dipsea is an app for sexy audio stories and intimate guided sessions. Sexuality is as psychological as it is physical, and so we’ve taken a mind-first approach. Our stories are designed to set the mood, create immersive context, and spark your erotic imagination.”


Why Audio Stories?

"I’ve always been really interested in the psychology of sexuality. I remember having conversations with friends in college who hadn’t had an orgasm yet. Sure, their 20 year old partners probably still had a lot to learn about giving pleasure. But my intuition was actually to ask, “well, what are you thinking about in bed? 

“Inspiration is important, it’s what helps you find an erotic mindset.”

Seven years later, my co-founder and I started having a lot of conversations about how little sexy inspo felt “made for us.” And inspiration is important, it’s what helps you find an erotic mindset. Listening to Headspace helped to move the conversation from “Why isn’t there more amazing erotic content designed for women?” into “Why isn’t done in audio?” and “Why hasn’t anyone done this yet?”


Small Team, Big Ideas

“We’re really proud to offer a broad range of content, even as a small team with a relatively small but growing library of stories. We work with freelance writers and contributors who can share their authentic experiences, perspectives, and fantasies. And we work with voice actors with diverse ethnicities, accents, and backgrounds to try and represent the reality of the world we all live in. 

“Believable chemistry, enthusiastic consent, healthy communication, and natural sounding pleasure.”

We’re a story studio made up of editors, directors, and producers. Throughout the lifecycle of a story, we’re all paying attention to the details we know listeners care about: things like believable chemistry, enthusiastic consent, healthy communication, and natural sounding pleasure.”

Dipsea couple uses Ohnut in episode "BDE" | Listen now!

The Ups:

“We hear from people who are overcoming sexual trauma, have trouble with their libido or with orgasming, or who have sexual dysfunction inside their partnerships. It’s amazing to hear the success stories, the a-ha moments, and the positive impact listening has on people!”

Beyond the stories of joy and discovery—Gina says says one of the biggest takeaways is:

“All of our sexual interests and preferences are incredibly, beautifully, shockingly unique. There’s never going to be one story that every single listener likes, and on the flipside, every single story in our library is somebody’s favorite.”

The Downs: 

Like most companies in the sexual wellness space (Ohnut included), Dipsea experiences their fair share of hiccups when it comes to advertising.

“We’ve been really struck by how the rules of advertising were written before anything like Dipsea even existed, and it shows. We’ve talked to so many representatives at big companies who are personal advocates for our product, but whose hands are tied. It shows there’s a lot of change left to make.”

So What’s Next?

“This week we’re partnering with HBO on the premiere of the limited series Mrs. Fletcher, starring Kathryn Hahn, about a divorced woman who discovers that ‘her world is full of unexpected and sometimes complicated erotic possibilities.’

“All of our sexual interests and preferences are incredibly, beautifully, shockingly unique.”

We’re leading an erotica writing workshop, which is fun because pulling from your own memory to write can be a really powerful expression of your sexuality. But we’re also excited about it because we really love the message of the show: sexuality evolves and even blossoms throughout our lifetimes. Dipsea is excited to start creating more content that talks to the experiences of people in their 40’s, 50’s, and beyond.”

Download the app to check out Dipsea’s latest story, "BDE." You might recognize a special guest (hint: it’s Ohnut)!

Get some inspiration, download now!

Are we missing anything? If you have questions or ideas about something you’d like to hear more about, or even a story you’d like to share — let us know!

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