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Health Disparities: The Intersection of Race and Sexuality

Queer BIPOC are one of the most at-risk groups, with the least research dedicated to helping them.

Are Kegels Sexist? How Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion's 'WAP' Tells a Cultural Story

Is WAP (“wet ass pussy”) a feminist anthem? Yes. Do Cardi and Meg talk about kegels in a sexual context? Why, yes. Yes, they do. And that’s why we’re here today.

The Racist History of Gynecology

J. Marion Sims, the "father of modern gynecology," gained his title by performing unanesthetized surgical experiment...

The History of Medicine and Black Pain

This company was founded in frustration with a healthcare system that largely ignores and actively silences the voices of the marginalized — and we all collectively need to acknowledge the distinct pain Black people have endured from the very people who are supposed to help heal it.

Weird Ways to Play + Connect During Quarantine

While things are starting to open back up, it’s still important to keep distance. Hang in there! 

What To Do if Your Partnership Is Challenging in Quarantine

It's a universal truth that the ones who know us best can push our buttons the most. Throw in a global pandemic, and tensions can rise.

DIY Photo Shoot in Isolation with Emily

When there's a global pandemic, photoshoots go DIY. 

How to Survive Cohabitating with a Partner for the First Time During Quarantine

Couples look forward to so many things when they think about living with one another…being trapped with your partner under quarantine during a global pandemic is NOT one of them.

What to Do if Sex Hurts While in Isolation With a Partner

When sex doesn't always feel great, being stuck inside with a partner & told that everyone is having more sex than ever can be... well, a challenge.

A Social Distancing Playlist

Boogie down with yourself (or your household or your friends via Google Hangout)!

How Kissing Like a Dog Can Change Your Sex Life

Sometimes sex can be daunting or a sticky point in relationships. Smooching like a pooch takes the pressure off.

10 Weird Ways to Show Your Partner You Care

Contrary to what every show on the CW would have you believe, romantic relationships aren’t just about sex—and sex isn’t the only way to be intimate.

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