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Color - Sage
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Partner-approved, doctor-recommended

Available in Wider and Classic. Please see sizing recommendations.

Soft, stretchy, and oh-so-comfy, Ohnut is a simple and convenient way to adjust when penetration feels too deep (eep!). Made of 4 interlocking rings, you can customize the depth—without sacrificing sensation.

Explore adding and removing rings at any time with any position, so that both you and your partner can focus on what matters most—each other :)

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  • Comes with 4 soft, stackable rings, a travel pouch, and clever conversation starters
  • Classic Ohnut width stretches to 8in (20.3cm), and the unstretched height of 4 rings is 2¾in (7cm) tall
  • Wider Ohnut width stretches to 12in (30.5cm), and the unstretched height of 4 rings is  2¾in (7cm) tall
  • Made of a body-safe polymer. BPA-, phthalate-, silicone-, and latex-free

        Classic is for those who wear “standard” condoms. Wider is for those who wear "large" condoms or prefer a looser fit.

        When in doubt about sizing, order the Wider Ohnut. It's unlikely to be too wide for effective use.

        Try it worry free, happiness guaranteed!

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        How Ohnut Works

        Squishy, stretchy, and oh-so-comfy

        How Ohnut Works

        Squishy, stretchy, and oh-so-comfy

        How Ohnut Feels

        Ohnut is:

        — Ribbed

        — Holds body temperature

        — Feels like skin

        So neither of you will feel like you're missing out :)

        Avoid those unwelcome jolts of pain and control how deep penetration goes with Ohnut

        Painful sex (or dyspareunia) can happen for a whole range of reasons, including:

        Endometriosis, adenomyosis, pelvic floor dysfunction, interstitial cystitis, fibroids, pelvic inflammation, pelvic floor muscle spasm (vaginismus), menopause (genitourinary syndrome of menopause, or gsm), cancer treatments (including chemotherapy and radiation therapy), chronic vulvar pain (vulvodynia), post-surgical vaginal swelling, postpartum pain / sex post baby 

        Find out more here

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 522 reviews
        Michelle K.
        Helpful for patients

        I have been able to use for education purposes for patients. They have had great reactions and positive responses with the ability to have the product on hand.

        Neil F.

        Could you please answer what ages are the women that these rings are supposed to be helpful fot. I would appreciate an answer.

        Dave D.
        Love it

        My wife and I enjoy it

        Lily C.
        Oh Lorddd

        I love my fiancé so much! But he’s just too “endowed” and I found little pleasure in sex…. Then my physical therapist recommended this for pelvic floor pain.
        These are PERFECT! We use 3 of the 4 and they make sex fun again! ♥️

        Comfy and Confidence Building!

        My boyfriend and I have been so happy with our Ohnut product! It fits him very well and he doesn't notice it during sex at all!

        I definitely feel much more confident now when he has it on and sex has been less stress and more YES!

        Buffer rings - yes they are worth it!!

        Absolutely amazing product. I wish I knew about it sooner. It’s worth the price if you’re dealing with pain every time, trust me.
        One ring came deformed, and the customer service I received was exceptional. I got a new set sent to me (very quickly) and the staff was fantastic to deal with.

        Debbie N.
        Ohnut doesn't help me

        I still feel pressure on my bladder and pain with the ohnuts. Sex is very painful now that I am in menopause. I guess that's life. It was worth a try.

        Alexander W.
        It worked well at what it was designed for, just not for us

        Perfectly usable product, works as intended. Unfortunately didn't solve our issues with pain as it was related to a underlying health issue but that isn't the fault of the product.

        Todd L.
        Best. Thing. Ever.

        I’m a well-endowed male and my partner has struggled with endometriosis for many years. Despite several excision surgeries, she continued to experience pain with intercourse. I came across the Ohnut on an endometriosis chat group and bought one immediately.
        Fast-forward a few days (and it was literally only a few days, even though we live in AK!)… we just used it for the first time and it was INCREDIBLE! She felt no pain and it did not detract from my enjoyment in the slightest - if anything, I enjoyed it more knowing that my partner was not having pain.
        Guys, don’t hesitate - get one now!

        Kendyl B.

        Ohnut Buffer Rings

        More About Ohnut

        How does Ohnut work?


        Worn externally (it doesn't go inside!) by a penetrating partner at the base of the shaft (or object of choice), start by linking 3 stackable rings. Lube up. Slide Ohnut down. During penetration Ohnut will compress down to act like a buffer. Remove or add rings as you choose. Explore!

        Ohnut is made of a body-safe polymer blend—that means you can use both silicone- and water-based lubes!

        How does it feel physically for the penetrating partner?


        Ohnut is ribbed, retains body heat, and feels like skin. It feels like full penetration (you can actually go for it!) without having to worry about pain. Win-win!

        Do you have a money-back guarantee?


        We do have a money-back guarantee! We know how frustrating it is to waste money on products that don’t work for you, because we’ve been there. While we’re confident Ohnut will help you, if you aren’t happy with your order, just contact us within 30 days for a refund. We won’t make it difficult, we’re here to help.

        How long does shipping take?


        Shipping takes about 3-7 days if you're in the US! Expedited shipping is also available. International typically takes a bit longer, but we'll send you tracking info via email :)