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Ohnut Details

  • How does Ohnut work? Ohnut uses patent-pending compression technology to serve as a buffer during deep penetration. When you and your partner are ready, simply apply the lubrication of your choice (both silicone and water-based are compatible) and slide the Ohnut around and down the male shaft. Be sure to start with three rings, and reduce if need be. Then enjoy!

  • How much does Ohnut cost? Ohnut will retail at $68 but is currently on a Kickstarter special. Check out pricing on the Ohnut Kickstarter page.

  • How do I wash my Ohnut? Ohnut can be hand washed with mild soap and water. Save your dishwasher for the dishes.

  • Where can I buy Ohnut? You can buy an Ohnut package on our Kickstarter page.

  • What’s included in the reward/box/tiers? For details on our rewards, check out our Ohnut Kickstarter page.

  • I have sensitive skin. What is Ohnut made of? Ohnut is designed with all bodies in mind, and is made with a body- and skin-safe polymer blend.

  • Does Ohnut comes in different sizes and colors? At this point, Ohnut is made with a soft squishy material and can stretch to accomodate most men. At this point, Ohnut does not come in different sizes and colors. However, if you choose the Customized Ohnut reward, we can make one just for you.

  • Can Ohnut fix the pain I have during penetrative sex? Ohnut is not a medical device and does not prevent or cure any conditions. There are many causes for pain during sex that are often compounding, so it is best to consult your doctor if you are experiencing sex pain.

  • Is Ohnut a sex toy? Ohnut is technically an ‘intimate wearable,’ but there’s no wrong way to use your Ohnut!


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  • What is your international shipping policy? We ship to all countries in the world.

  • Is the shipping box discreet? Yes. Ohnut packages are shipped in a discreet, unbranded box from Twenty Three Ventures; pins are shipped in a bubble-wrap mailer.

  • Timeline for production/product delivery? We’re delivering Ohnut to your door in October 2018. We can’t wait to get it in your hands!



  • What is your return policy? If the Ohnut arrives damaged in any way, please notify us immediately and we will offer you a replacement ASAP. We do not accept returns on used products.

  • What if the product that I ordered doesn’t fit? We’ll be happy to offer you an Ohnut credit for a different reward and an early discount on new products.



  • Where is Ohnut manufactured? Ohnut is designed and developed in Brooklyn and manufactured in China.


Referral & Affiliate

  • Do you have a referral program? If you are a medical professional, please contact shea@ohnut.co for more details on bulk purchases and referral options.

  • What about an affiliate program? We partner with institutes and providers in the intimate health space. If you’re interested in joining us, please email shea@ohnut.co.  


Wholesale Opportunities

  • I love Ohnut. How I can sell the intimate wearable on my store? Contact shea@ohnut.co and we’ll provide you with wholesaler details.