About Overhaul

For over a decade I assumed that I was unrelatable in my experience of painful sex, and yet the moment that Ohnut became a vehicle for conversation, I couldn't believe how alone I wasn't.

EMILY SAUER, Ohnut Founder & CEO

Inventor by necessity

People are always hesitant to ask me why I created Ohnut. Because I needed it! I always assumed sex was supposed to be painful sometimes, so for years I worked around it and never spoke up… until finally the physical discomfort from sex made me feel like a failure—to myself and my partner. So when I came up with the crazy idea to put a pink frosted donut on a penis... everything changed.  I experienced not only physical relief but an emotional upheaval. I finally realized that it wasn’t my fault.

Our mission

Here at Ohnut, we believe your bedroom can be a place of joy.

Yes, joy :)

That's why we've partnered with renowned sexual medicine clinicians, holistic practitioners, and countless empathetic humans to help you make simple physical adjustments—in a way that feels easy to talk about and... well, loved.

Hear from the community

Sex is one of the greatest ways we connect as humans

Sometimes it’s life-affirming, sometimes it’s a lazy Sunday “I love you,” sometimes sex is a hilarious foray into the weird sounds our bodies can make. 

But also... sex can make or break our self esteem if something isn’t easy, doesn’t feel good, or goes wrong. And many of us grow up learning that pain during sex is normal, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

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