About Overhaul

For over a decade I assumed that I was unrelatable in my experience of painful sex, and yet the moment that Ohnut became a vehicle for conversation, I couldn't believe how alone I wasn't.

EMILY SAUER, Ohnut Founder & CEO

Inventor by necessity

Sometimes sex is life-affirming, sometimes it’s a lazy Sunday “I love you,” sometimes sex is a hilarious foray into the weird sounds our bodies can make. 

But also... sex can make or break our self esteem if something isn’t easy, doesn’t feel good, or goes wrong. And many of us grow up learning that pain during sex is normal, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our mission

Here at Ohnut, it is our goal to bring joy back into our body and our relationships, with trustworthy products that advocate for health and human connection.

That's why we've partnered with renowned Pelvic Health Specialists, Health Care Providers, and countless empathetic humans to help you make simple adjustments that put control back into your hands.

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