About Ohnut

At Ohnut, we believe that everyone has the right to feel connected, healthy, and whole.

Why did I create Ohnut? Because I needed it :)

For over a decade I had felt unrelatable in my experience of painful sex, and yet the moment that Ohnut became a vehicle for conversation, I couldn't believe how alone I wasn't. 

I always assumed sex was supposed to be painful sometimes, so for years I worked around it and never spoke up. That is, until a stressful time when discomfort got significantly worse... and sex made me feel like failure. When my body didn't meet my own expectations, I felt like a complete disappointment to my partner too.  
The internet then ascribed wordy names to pain during sex like "dyspareunia" and "Genito Pelvic Pain Penetration Disorder" (GPPPD). Ironically it was more daunting to understand a diagnosis than it was to get one, and yet every year I tried to get a diagnosis - I never got one.

As a result of growing frustration with an avoidant medical system, grossly erotic websites that boasted "deeper penetration pillows," and a wilted sense of self... I came up with the crazy idea to use a pink frosted donut to make sex more comfortable. Everything changed.  

Ohnut is a feel-good wearable designed with renowned practitioners, to help women who have deep pelvic pain during sex.

In less than a year, Ohnut has gained support globally from clinicians and patients, with concerns as varied as endometriosis, cancer, gyn issues (lots more). This also includes a larger population of women too ashamed to speak up, as well as their partners who want to help but don't know how. We've quickly uncovered a unique opportunity to break down larger mainstream stigmas around sexual health - accompanied by a helpful wearable, that never fails to remind you that
You're doing great.
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