Pretty Blown Away By These

The first time we used them was so good, I had to use them a few times before writing a review to make sure the first time wasnt a fluke. Its so much better for her, and being able to be intimate without worrying about causing her discomfort is like having a weight lifted off me; honestly gonna be pretty life changing for us

-Tom, Ohnut Customer

It Worked For Us When Nothing Else Did

Different lubes, different positions, pelvic floor therapy, vaginal suppositories - you name it, Ohnut beat it. We used 3 rings to start and we both were astonished at the ease and how enjoyable and relaxing it was for BOTH OF US. We laughed during sex where before I would hyperventilate, and that to us is worth every penny. If you're on the fence, hop on off and join the Ohnut family. THANK YOU OHNUT for giving me my sex life back!!!!!

-Hannah, Ohnut Customer

This Thing Is Extraordinary

The very first time we used Ohnut, we both finally understood just how thoroughly the fear of pain had been affecting our enjoyment of sex. It is easy to put on, does not feel much different for the penetrating partner, and has absolutely eliminated my wife's pain. When we use it, sex is more blissful and carefree than it was even when we first met and fell in love. We are utterly enraptured with each other.

-Eric, Ohnut Customer

Customize Penetration Depth


It Doesn't Go Inside :)

Imagine a tree. Ohnut is worn like if you threw a pool inner-tube around the base of that tree.


4 Interlocking Rings

Like fancy, stackable inner-tubes! Add or remove rings to adjust for what feels good.

Very Cruelty-Free


Comfortable for all, so you both can relax and just feel the good stuff.

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