Office Demo *CLASSIC SIZE*

by OhnutCo
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Designed with an FDA approved body-safe material, Ohnut’s soft and stretchy feel is cozy for all.

Ohnut is designed to feel just like skin. It’s so comfortable (like a gentle hug) you and your partner will barely notice it’s there. And because you may not have to worry about whether penetration will hurt, Ohnut allows both you and your partner to focus on what matters most - connection, enjoyment and fun.

  • Always discreet shipping 
  • Comes with 4 soft rings, travel pouch, and clever conversation starters
  • Ohnut width stretches to 8in (20.3cm), and height of 4 rings is 2 ¾ in (7cm) tall
  • BPA, phthalate, and latex free

Classic is for those who wear “standard” condoms. Wider is for those who wear "large" condoms or prefer a looser fit.

When in doubt about sizing, order the Wider Ohnut. It's unlikely to be too wide for effective use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Iva V.
For professional use

I’m a sexologist and I will be using this in 2023 for workshops. I have one coming up in February on Sex and Aging. A perfect prop alongside my cloth genital presentations.

Alyssa P.P.M.P.
The Ohnut is a Game Changer!

For people who have had to limit vaginal sex due to deep pain with penetration, the Ohnut is a phenomenal game changer! My patients love it! Brilliant!


I'm a pelvic floor therapiest and i recommend this product for my patients with pelvic floor problemens and pain during penetetration. The material feels very comfortable, don't smell and you can get it very easy clean. The product solve a huge problem !

Leigh M.

Office Demo *CLASSIC SIZE*

Mary B.T.
Great customer service!

Thankful that Ohnut gifted me an office demo. I can demonstrate how it works with my pelvic floor patients and they get a chance to feel how it works.

Melinda F.

Office Demo - Jade

tina d.


Katie K.
Great for patients!

I love having this in my office as its really helped patients understand the mechanism of how it works. They also really like being able to feel the device before purchase and see how stretchy it is.

Amy R.
Excellent Product

This is an excellent product for those who experience painful penetration. The material is surprisingly soft and supple. The Ohnut is a wonderful addition to the sexual health field. I highly recommend it!

Rebecca R.-.T.
Love it

As a pelvic floor PT I love this product and frequently recommend it to clients. My patients love being able to touch and feel it in office, which makes it much more approachable to use. Thank you for all you do.