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Soft, stretchy, and oh-so-comfy

Squishy and condom-compatible—Ohnut feels like skin, so you'll hardly know it's there

Helps with many types of pain

From the dreaded cervix bang to conditions like endometriosis, or simply having a partner who's a little too big for comfort

Customize Ohnut To Your Ideal Depth

Ohnut comes with 4 rings that stack and interlock—so you can find depths that feel good for both you :)

Ohnut 101

How to use it

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Ohnut is worn externally by a penetrating partner at the base of the shaft. Lube up and slide Ohnut down. During penetration Ohnut will compress to act like a buffer and limit depth.

What it feels like

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Ohnut is soft, squishy, and stretchy. Couples often say it feels like "nothing's there" or it's "like a gentle hug."

Many are able to enjoy intimacy more than ever, without having to worry about going to deep.

How to introduce it to your partner

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Talking about pain with your partner can be difficult, but we've found that Ohnut is a great conversation starter (it even comes with clever convo prompts).

Most often both partners love Ohnut, are able to enjoy intimacy more, and are excited for the subtle yet profound change in their bedroom time.

Loved by both partners

Ohnut makes bedroom time better for everyone involved.

Partners report using Ohnut "feels like full penetration," that they "can't even notice the difference," or even that it feels like a "nice hug."

Most partners tell us that intimacy is more satisfying because they're not worried about causing their partner pain.

Body, Condom, and Lube Safe

Ohnut is latex-, BPA-, and phthalate-free. It's made from a body-and-skin safe polymer.

It's condom compatible and made to use with both silicone- and water-based lubrication.

Reviews From The Ohnut Community

"The very first time we used Ohnut, we both finally understood just how thoroughly the fear of pain had been affecting us. This thing is extraordinary. It is easy to put on, does not feel much different for the penetrating partner, and has absolutely eliminated my wife's pain. When we use it, [intimacy] is more blissful and carefree than it was even when we first met and fell in love."

"I found Ohnut while in an internet dark hole and after a bit of hesitation about the price decided to dive in. Guys. G U Y S . I can't say that this will work for everyone but it WORKED FOR US after NOTHING ELSE DID."

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get Classic or Wider?

Ohnut is made from soft, squishy material that stretches for comfort. Wider is 15% wider than Classic and stretches 50% more.

Classic is designed for those who wear “regular” condoms. Wider is for those who wear "large" condoms or who prefer a looser fit.

When in doubt about sizing, order Wider Ohnut. It's unlikely to be too wide for effective use.

How does Ohnut work?
It's worn externally by a penetrating partner at the base of the shaft. Ohnut will compress down to act like a buffer between partners. Remove or add rings as you choose.

What does Ohnut feel like?
Ohnut is soft, squishy, and stretchy. Couples report it feeling like "nothing is there" to "a gentle hug". Many partners are able to enjoy intimacy more than ever since they no longer worry about going too deep.

How do I introduce Ohnut to my partner?

Talking about pain during intimacy can be tough, but Ohnut can help start that conversation. We believe the bedroom can be a place of joy—so we include clever conversation starts with every purchase.

Does Ohnut go inside?
Ohnut does not go inside. It's worn externally by the penetrating partner.

What is Ohnut made of? What if I have latex sensitivity?
Ohnut is BPA-, latex-, and phthalate-free. It's made of a body-and-skin safe polymer blend.

Can I use Ohnut with a condom?
Yes! Just put a condom on before Ohnut. Be sure to use additional lubrication before sliding Ohnut on.

Is Ohnut lube safe?
Lubrication is essential to the Ohnut experience! Ohnut is compatible with silicone- and water-based lubrication. Oil-based lubes are not recommended (including coconut oil) as they can degrade the material.

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