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Works like a charm!

Size up

Worked great for me, but the standard was a bit too tight on my husband. We sized up! I don’t have any conditions, but bought this as more of a luxury for comfort during positions that had a tendency to hurt more. It really does the trick. Great idea.

Common =/= Normal

When I have pain literally anywhere else in my body the doctor asks questions like Where? How often? What makes it better or worse? What type of pain?

For 12 years I’ve told doctors I had pain with intercourse. The response has been: 1. That’s common, and/or 2. Lube (like…duh).

It became “normal” and didn’t even register as a complaint anymore.

Recently, I got mad. Then, I got Ohnut.

And, for the first time in my life, intercourse was only pleasure. The surprise? After using Ohnut my husband (who has been so supportive of me) told me that HE had been experiencing discomfort with sex before. (Without Ohnut intercourse feels like I’m a wall and someone is pounding on it…guess it makes sense that he felt like he was pounding on a wall!)

Thank you, wonderful creators of Ohnut, for realizing that just because pain is common does NOT mean it should be normal.

My sheets are in the LAUNDRY.

I think the title says it all, but damn is sex without the fear of painful bumps fun!

5 stars from both him and I

My doctor originally recommend these and i bought them immediately. Game changing and incredibly doable. Even comes with a small cute linen storage bag.

10/10 would recommend

Partner and I struggle with size difference being that he has too much for me to handle. Now I can be on top and not have to worry about being dick punched in the uterus. Easy to use, easy to clean. Highly recommend and I wish we had found this earlier.


Neither my partner nor I even notice that he has one on! They really really easy to put on and take off, and clean. I also love the little pouch that they come in. It makes bringing them with me very easy. For context, Male + Female partnership.


Wonderful product. Great versatility with changing the length of the Ohnut. Allows me and my wife to enjoy more adventurous positions.

Love this thing

This is a game changer. Love it. And super easy to clean

100% better for her and still great for me.

In my wife's words, fun time used to "be a chore". Our sex was not super enjoyable for her due to the discomfort. We happened upon an ad for Ohnut and decided to give it a shot. Having used it a few times now, we agree that the Ohnut works. My wife no longer feels the intense discomfort from penetration that's too deep. For her, sex is now enjoyable and doesn't leave her hurting. For me, it still feels great. The Ohnut doesn't impede me at all.

The Ohnut goes on quick, the right size doesn't constrict my bit, and doesn't interfere with sexy time at all. Definitely recommended.

Wide version recommended

So far everything I read online was fairly accurate in regards to the product. One ring was enough for my fiancé and I in terms of my size. The climax for me feels the same but the wider ring is recommended unless you like a tight feel around the base. Towards the end of a climax it feels like there is a bit left that can come out because of the one rings slight tighter feel, but it doesn't affect the overall quality of the sex before using the ring.

I highly recommend, my fiancé feels more comfortable overall when I wear it and it has opened up a slight barrier to the frequency of sex before we had tried the product (btw she was the one that found it).


I absolutely love this item. Highly recommend.

A much better fit!!

I had ordered the standard size oh nut a few months ago, but they were very…snug. These wider ones are SO much more comfortable. We only need two so being able to order them in pairs is such a convenient way to do it!

Way to tight !

Way to tight cuts circulation off ! Don’t care for it ! It’s was very expensive and for it not to work and cut circulation off is bad !

Thanks for taking the time to leave us your review! It sounds like you may benefit from stretching the rings before use - simply stretch the rings around a bottle at least 3' for a few hours prior to use. Alternatively, you may prefer the Wider Ohnut size. We'll reach out to you privately as well.

Worth a try for Endometriosis

If you have Endometriosis, or some other condition that causes pain with deeper penetration, this product is definitely worth a shot. Even just 2 rings is enough to ease the majority of the pain/pressure for me. My husband says it's comfortable and doesn't impact our sessions. A small sizing tip....if he's even the slightest bit girthy, buy the wider one. Better to err on the side of too big than too small as too small will will just constrict and be uncomfortable for him. Thank you Ohnut for this tool. It has really helped us in the times of the ugly endometriosis flares.

Think this will work!

We have used this 2 times and and I do believe we have a winner. Painful sex is so stressful and 2 rings for us is enough where I can relax, so he can relax, and everything feels more like it used to. THank you for making this product! I have had Endo for about 4 years and all the trauma from surgeries has changed sex. This has made a positive difference!


We love these rings!


This seemed like a good idea, yet it did not work for us.

Thanks for leaving your feedback about your Ohnut experience! If Ohnut was uncomfortable for the wearer, we'd recommend trying the Wider Ohnut size instead. We'll reach out to you privately as well.

Ramming Speed Reattained! (or, Partner’s Pain & Discomfort Reduced)

After connecting at a deep level (emotionally and otherwise), my partner began experiencing pain associated with penetration of unknown etiology. She told me about Ohnuts after performing (keeping it clean here) some…online research. I ordered a set of the ‘Wider Ohnuts’, hoping that we could mitigate and minimize both the discomfort and the anxiety associated with it during intercourse. Actually, a bilateral benefit was achieved! While donning the truncating Ohnuts, I was unable to reach the painful portion of my perfect partner, sparing her the discomfort and worry of painful penetration. But wait- there’s more (as they say in infomercials that we just can’t forget). The other side of this is that the Ohnuts are not only comfortable, they feel good on me and help keep me at peak tumescence and rigidity. So it’s a win/win for us! I would strongly recommend Ohnuts for limiting access to deeper areas that ought nut, er, not be probed or poked. This is a great product for both receiver and recipient!

Where's this product been my whole sexual life?

At first I thought this was a regular cock ring, but it provides so much more. The material is stretchy and great for those of us that have had circulation cut off from lesser products. It provides an adjustable buffer, which my partner and I can adjust per sexual experience. And it even works for personal masturbation.

Back in the game!

All the jabbing without the stabbing!

In love

Has made everything a million times more comfortable for both me and my husband. Will never go without it again.

Ohnut saved me post-surgery

I recently had a hysterectomy and have to be very careful not to go too deep while I'm still healing. Ohnut has been a godsend! I can have sex without worrying about getting jabbed in the stitches, and my fiancé is thankful too!

Very Convenient

Love the case. Perfectly fits our wider ohnuts and I love that it has air circulation holes so that our ohnuts don't stay damp. Haven't traveled with it yet, but I imagine this will make traveling with ohnut super easy. Would highly recommend.

Bang, Bang

This product is the best thing ever! Has given me and my husband a new lease on our sex life. Thank you Ohnut!

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