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I need all 4 rings, and was worried my level of pleasure would go down. The wife and I have been trying every position. It's amazing the things we can do now. My pleasure has increased. I can fully enjoy sex without being worried it will hurt her.

Ohnut Is Such a Help for Me Mentally!!

As a woman with vaginismus, anything that truly helps me get closer to having pain free sex with my husband is a Godsend! The Ohnut wearables are definitely that!! I began using vaginal dilators nine months ago shortly after my husband and I got married and discovered I had vaginismus. All attempts at penetration were extremely painful, and I was so discouraged and hopeless, thinking we would never be able to experience intercourse. But then God led us to a wonderful site that offered great resources for women like me. I did my best to work consistently with the dilators, and when I realized that my body finally seemed ready to attempt penetration from my husband, I came across the Ohnut wearables. I was a bit skeptical until I started reading through all the reviews. It seemed impossible that something like that could be so effective. But after discussing it with my husband, we decided to go ahead and try them out, and after nine months of marriage, my husband and I have achieved full penetration for the first time. Seeing as I have a pelvic floor condition, Ohnut does not completely prevent all pain, but it does help me to stay mentally at ease knowing that my hubby can't go too deep by accident, and that helps me to stay relaxed and work toward my goal of pain free sex with my husband! If you struggle with anxiety as you experiment with penetration depth, then I definitely recommend Ohnut!!

P.S. My husband is a little larger than average, but he isn't necessarily a Trojan Magnum. Despite this, we still went for the wider set and are glad we did! They fit him snugly but aren't too tight. Definitely recommend the wider set if you are unsure about what size to get!

Pain isn't always gain

The Ohnut is excellent! I like how soft and flexible the material is, and it functions nicely not only has a buffer, but also as a ring for some slight "performance enhancement." My wife loves it as well - she definitely appreciates the extra space, and it helps to hit some of her spots better. Thank you so much!

Pleasure again

It was very comfortable and pleasurable for me and my husband.

No help with endo dispaurenia

Unfortunately, even 4 rings did not help with dispaurenia caused by endometriosis

Definitely less pain !!

Only pressure no pain. I was always in alot of pain in deep penetraion with this product its no pain just a little pressure.

Worked as intended

It worked for reducing depth of penetration as needed. The silicone is of nice quality, and the packaging is well done. Unfortunately this product did not help me with my issue (as it turns out, my issue is more about girth than depth of penetration) but I can absolutely see this working for someone who just needs relief from deeper penetration.

Addition to our toy box.

Got the wider Ohnut. Slides on smooth. Snug but not tight fit.

Great tool/toy!

This not only helps with comfort but it's a fun toy! Have one-to-four rings means that we can adjust to my mood, the position, and what he wants. Sometimes using all the rings means he's not able to do his 'usual' moves which can extend the session to our ultimate enjoyment. It's been lovely to have bumpers and be able to relax when I want a little less depth. Highly recommend!


These were the answer to the only roadblocks in our relationship. Thank you for giving us both the confidence we need to really enjoy our time together! We did find that the regular size was just a little tight- but the product worked perfectly, and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the larger size as well!

Worked like a charm!

These are truly just the perfect product. No more pain or discomfort, and the ohnuts wear so comfortably on my partner! The packaging was super cute too!!

Helps with painful intercourse due to PCOS

I have PCOS and sex is often painful for me and can occasionally cause bleeding. After using the Ohnut after a couple of times, I haven't experienced bleeding or much pain from sex. It's nice to be able to control penetration depth. My partner adds that using the Ohnut doesn't feel different than regular sex!


We first heard about ohnut when my girlfriend watched a video about it on Facebook. At the time she wasn't experiencing any pain during intimacy until a few months later. The pains became more frequent so we finally bought it after approximately a year from first hearing about it. We had these sitting there by our bed for a week and tonight was the night she wanted to use them. After finishing she started to cry but immediately assured me it was because she finally had no inkling of pain whatsoever. It was the biggest relief for her and it made the purchase well worth it.


This is a must have! I bought the original and it was too small. I also purchased the wider ohnut and it’s perfect! I have zero pain if I use all the rings. I love this product. It’s allowed my partner and I to reconnect.
Thank you ohnut!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We purchased the regular Ohnut over the summer, and it provided immediate relief for me as my boyfriend is very well endowed. However they were ultimately too tight and we thought "I wish they made a bigger size". Thus, we were very excited to discover, that, they do indeed make wider Ohnuts! The wider Ohnut is seriously PERFECT. It works perfectly for both of us now. I cannot recommend it more. Also, I want to add that the size recommendations on the website align well - my boyfriend uses Magnum condoms and definitely needs the wider Ohnut.

Incredible product!

It has really changed the game for me. Even on the first try, it was easy to use, despite the awesome green color, it was pretty much undetectable by my partner and I, and it made what was once a very anxiety-ridden experience extremely relaxed and enjoyable. THANK YOU!


The oh-nut is a life changer that allows you to enjoy sex again, especially if you struggle with unexplainable severe pelvic floor pain. I still have issues but these little fellas make room for fun exploration and lots of pleasure. Totally worth it. Don’t deny yourself joy any longer.

Great product

First of all, I was surprised when the product arrive somthing like 5 days after I ordered. We tried it for the first time yesterday. My partner didn't feel like he was wearing something. He did say at the end that he felt a bit different from what he knew, maybe because of the depth of penetration. I was feeling a lot more comfortable and chill. I still had little bit feeling of pressure, but I'm hoping it's a metter of habbit.

Wider Ohnut [Shipping 12/31]

Itttttttttt WORKS (seriously, what?!)

Yall I was so pleasantly surprised by this!! We've only used it once so far, but our takeaway was this:

Issue: he's large/long. I have a lot of pelvic pain/ inflammation so any position that shortens my space is a no go.

Him: expected to be more aware of it, possibly slightly annoyed by it, but actually didn't really notice it at all! No complaints.

Me: expected it to take a position that hurt (like immediately), and make it not hurt (or at least like, be bearable). Not only did it not hurt- it felt good! I was soooo surprised!

Also he is a Trojan magnum XL size- I'm super glad I saw the guide that recommended that size go with the wider ohnut version- it definitely helped and I think the regular would have been awkward or uncomfortable to get on.

Thank you! <3

If you're thinking about it, go for it!

Like another reviewer, my partner and I had tried the original OhNut after learning about how it can help with painful sex. Unfortunately, it was too tight on him and started to get painful after a few minutes. When I saw that OhNut came out with a wider size, I was hesitant, but decided to go for it. I'm so glad I took the plunge! My boyfriend loves it, and we've already used it multiple times this week since getting it. He has no pain with the new rings, and it's made sex so much more enjoyable for me. If you're reading this and wondering whether you should try it, I'd recommend it hands-down!

Win for Endo

I’ve been suffering with stage 4 endometriosis for years with the pain bringing my sex life to a screeching halt. Ohnut has ABSOLUTELY been a game changer for my husband and I. We are BOTH beyond thrilled and cannot stop talking about it (or doing it)! 5 starts is simply not enough stars if you ask us!

Bless It

I have Cervical Extroption and pain and bleeding during sex were pretty severe most of the time which I was worried would effect my sex life with my partner. This product has fixed our sessy time woes! He says it doesn't even feel like they're there and I don't feel the pressure and pain during sex anymore and I certainly no longer bleed. This has been a blessing in our bedroom and I really recommend this for both partners!

Works As Advertised. Five Stars.

High Quality. Descret. Comfortable. Great Value.

It works!!!

Wow. I wasn't really sure what to expect but wow this is so helpful!!! I am able to have sex more often and longer since it isn't as painful. A slight adjustment for my partner but says it is worth it! Will recommend for anyone dealing with pain during sex

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