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Ohnut Buffer Rings
Michelle K.
Helpful for patients

I have been able to use for education purposes for patients. They have had great reactions and positive responses with the ability to have the product on hand.

Apt for friend’s feelings.

Bought this for a friend who is taking fertility drugs. She loved it! Thank you for the humor!

Lots of Fun

We have been using the normal Ohnut rings consistently for more than a year now, and it has made a world of difference for my wife (who was quietly suffering after-sex pain from too-deep penetration) while not having any negative effect on my own enjoyment of sex. I didn’t know what to expect with the vibrating ring because I have never had a vibrator attached to me down there, but I decided to try it just to support this business that has had such a positive effect on our lives. Well, so far the vibrating ring is fun for me because it is a blast for her. Nothing is sexier than giving genuine pleasure to your partner, and Ohnut has really helped with this. Thank you!

More than I expected

After seeing the Ohnut rings in my wife's doctor's office we thought we would give it a try. I was expecting it to simply stop penetration from going too deep, kind of like bumpers. With that thought in mind, I had the impression that I wouldn't be able to get the same satisfactions without going as deep. What I didn't expect was the fact that the rings actually stipulated the base of my penis leaving me with the feeling that I didn't need to fully penetrate my wife. It was a win win for both of us.

Could you please answer what ages are the women that these rings are supposed to be helpful fot. I would appreciate an answer.

Love it

My wife and I enjoy it

Oh Lorddd

I love my fiancé so much! But he’s just too “endowed” and I found little pleasure in sex…. Then my physical therapist recommended this for pelvic floor pain.
These are PERFECT! We use 3 of the 4 and they make sex fun again! ♥️

Comfy and Confidence Building!

My boyfriend and I have been so happy with our Ohnut product! It fits him very well and he doesn't notice it during sex at all!

I definitely feel much more confident now when he has it on and sex has been less stress and more YES!

Office Demo *WIDER SIZE*

Buffer rings - yes they are worth it!!

Absolutely amazing product. I wish I knew about it sooner. It’s worth the price if you’re dealing with pain every time, trust me.
One ring came deformed, and the customer service I received was exceptional. I got a new set sent to me (very quickly) and the staff was fantastic to deal with.

Ohnut doesn't help me

I still feel pressure on my bladder and pain with the ohnuts. Sex is very painful now that I am in menopause. I guess that's life. It was worth a try.

Ohnut Buffer Rings
Alexander W.
It worked well at what it was designed for, just not for us

Perfectly usable product, works as intended. Unfortunately didn't solve our issues with pain as it was related to a underlying health issue but that isn't the fault of the product.

Best. Thing. Ever.

I’m a well-endowed male and my partner has struggled with endometriosis for many years. Despite several excision surgeries, she continued to experience pain with intercourse. I came across the Ohnut on an endometriosis chat group and bought one immediately.
Fast-forward a few days (and it was literally only a few days, even though we live in AK!)… we just used it for the first time and it was INCREDIBLE! She felt no pain and it did not detract from my enjoyment in the slightest - if anything, I enjoyed it more knowing that my partner was not having pain.
Guys, don’t hesitate - get one now!

Ohnut Buffer Rings

Ohnut Starter Kit
Rebecca C.
Customer Service

Addie provides the best customer service!

Ohnut Buffer Rings
Christopher E.

The OHNUT is great. Would love it, to be available in "Wider"-size in Germany though.
Since I am very happy, that I paid extra to import them directly in the "right size".

Charged me when the order didn't go through

I tried to order an item and the website gave me an error message when I placed the order. I didn't get a confirmation email for the order. But I got a notification from my bank that my card was charged! I sent a message to the Ohnut team and will try to call my bank to resolve this but it's just such a hassle and they really need to implement their website better to error check before they charge the customer.

Edit: the Ohnut team got back to me quickly and got rid of the charge. Thanks! I'm changing the review from 1 to 4 stars.

Good Idea but...

I thought this idea made sense and would work well. But the rings are way too tight for my partner. I am now trying to stretch the rings. Both of us need to feel good when using these, not the case win the rings are too tight.

Great idea, less feeling

The idea is great and it does help with pain but my partner comments that he feels less with them

Literal tears of joy

Sex with my wife has been painful for her for several years. Nothing we have tried before has helped, including different positions, physical therapy, and other devices. When we used these rings, she literally cried due to relief that sex was not painful. These rings are lifesavers!

Amazing product!

I absolutely love my Ohnut. The product is so soft, comfortable, easy to use and clean. It's great with a penis, dildo, or vibrator, and it arrived quickly. I would definitely recommend getting this product

Its helpful

She really likes that I can go hard from behind now.

Mutual enjoyment


Love it!!

Go Nuts for OhNuts!

This thing is great! Highly recommend.

Wife's perspective: She had forgotten that sex could be pain free, but the OhNut has turned sex back into something she's excited about and looks forward to. She says she doesn't feel the OhNut at all.

Husband's perspective: Doesn't feel weird like I thought it might. Allows me to thrust away without fear of hurting my wife.
Notable omission from the OhNut website is instruction on sizing, so here's my two cents: my penis is 7" long and 6" in circumference. I got the "wider" option and am very glad that I did - it's snug without being uncomfortable. My wife is only 5'2" tall (I don't know how to measure vagina size, but she's petite) - we use six rings for positions like missionary and doggy and I'm able to thrust away.