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Works like a charm

I was highly impressed at how well this works. No pain for me and no difference for him. Definitely recommend!

New horizons for the big outie + short innie combo.

Cervical succour... ovarian ovation?
Turns out discomfort or pain isn't just something to be expected when there's a mismatch in genital sizes (plus I, the innie, have had past surgery for severe endometriosis). We're now able to do way more positions (and, importantly, with a lot of enjoyment), rather than just ones limiting penetration depth.
Highly recommended, and if girthiness is a consideration definitely do get this wider version; the regular one wouldn't have worked.

It sells itself!

Once my patients feel the quality and softness of the OhNut, they are less intimidated by the thought of it. It sells itself!!!

This changed our sex life!

My wife and I love intimate relations but my endowment makes it hard to have penetrative sex more than once or twice a week without causing her extreme discomfort. Since the Ohnuts she's been so much more comfortable, even shouting "I love these ohnuts" during our sessions. They're a little tight on me but I wouldn't trade them for the world. Thanks Ohnut!!!

Oh boy too tight!

I think the concept is good. It was just too small for my partner. I should have gotten the bigger size.

Partner couldn't really tell a difference

Even with four rings on. Also was maybe a little overly tight on me.

Thanks for taking time to leave your feedback! It's possible you'd benefit from additional rings in the Wider Ohnut size. We'll also reach out to you directly to see how else we can help.

holy cow

This thing is a game changer. I have a tilted uterus, and my partner is on the longer side, so it was not uncommon for my cervix to get slammed during penetration. the ohnut helps so much! I don't have to worry about pain, and my partner doesn't have to worry about controlling how deep he goes. We can both actually relax, and I'm not being hyperbolic when I say that penetration has NEVER felt this good for me! Like! It actually feels amazing!!!!


Feels like a cock ring! Keeps me from penetrating to far so I don’t hurt my wife and my orgasm feels amazing

Lifesaver after hysterectomy

I had a laprosxopic total hysterectomy, which means along with my uterus… my cervix was removed. After removal, a line of stitches was placed where it used to be. The very thought of my husband bumping those stitches scared me. OhNut has been a lifesaver as a continue to heal! No pain and he says it feels no different for him! So happy with our purchase!

These didn’t work at all very disappointing first the cost.

Thanks for taking the time to leave us your feedback! We're sorry to hear that your Ohnut experience wasn't what you hoped for. We'll reach out to you directly to see if we may be able to help.

so great!

I'm so excited to have the Oh-nut to use in my clinic to help my patients improve their quality of life. This could be a life-changer for so many!


Amazing product that helps make sex more comfortable!


I have been married for 8 years, and thanks to Ohnut I have had my very first orgasm from intercourse! In the past, we haven't ever been able to go long enough or hard enough to get me there because of pain. The Ohnut not only solved that but also gave my husband some extra staying power, like a ring would. I bought this hoping it would help with the post-sex soreness but am pleasantly surprised that it prevents it completely and even makes orgasm possible!

Fits without Cutting off Circulation!

I can not use other tighter rings but these were perfect without being too loose to fall off.

about time

when we started dating my boyfriend warned me his dick was big to the point of inconvenience, and I did not believe him until we tried to have sex, he hit my cervix and it was stressful. This allows us to have sex in positions other than me on top. We use all 4, and i might get one more for christmas

Works great! I should have paid better attention to sizing

I’m not the gerthiest guy in town (maybe 1.5” di and it gets pretty tight with more than 1 stacked up (1 stretches a bit, though still pretty tight). I’ll be ordering another set in the wide sizing. Great product!


The case is a nice upgrade from the fabric pouch. Simple and easy to clean. Well done Ohnut!

Great product

Fantastic product. Has allowed us to have sex in different positions that weren’t possible before. Feels great for both of us.

Life changing!

This product does exactly what it promises to do! We have only used our Ohnuts 3 times but I am already wincing less and finding myself able to relax again without pain during penetration. Hubby loves it, too. He says it's very comfortable, he doesn't notice a difference and he feels better knowing I'm more comfortable and confident.

No fear

Ohnut has given us our sex life back! After having a hysterectomy a few months ago there have been pain with deep penetration. My pelvic floor specialist informed me of Ohnut. Since the first use, I no longer have fear of pain and my husband has no fear of causing it. We cannot thank Ohnut or my PFS enough!

Way more comfortable than the original

The Original rings did their job perfectly, but they were so tight I would have to take them off in order to finish. The wider ones are great; I can't even tell they are there. They are way easier to put on too.


The wife and I LOVE these! More frequent sex, more comfortable sex!

Problem solved!

Simple to use and enjoyable. Couldn't ask for more.

Pregnancy Cervix-Saver!

We bought the ohnut that comes in a set of 4 because I am pregnant and we have experienced a few instances of bleeding with sex. Per my doctor, it’s due to my cervix being extra sensitive and vascular at the moment. Even though it’s innocuous, it’s scary and definitely ruins the mood. The ohnut has really saved the day. It’s making sex comfortable and pleasurable again and I haven’t had any bleeding since it provides a nice buffer away from the cervix. Husband gives his approval too. If you are worried about sex in the first trimester, ohnut is really the ticket!


Brilliant, high quality and easy to use. Not to mention communication with the Ohnut was so lovely, and shipping was easy enough to arrive here in Australia. Would definitely recommend.

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