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We purchased the regular Ohnut over the summer, and it provided immediate relief for me as my boyfriend is very well endowed. However they were ultimately too tight and we thought "I wish they made a bigger size". Thus, we were very excited to discover, that, they do indeed make wider Ohnuts! The wider Ohnut is seriously PERFECT. It works perfectly for both of us now. I cannot recommend it more. Also, I want to add that the size recommendations on the website align well - my boyfriend uses Magnum condoms and definitely needs the wider Ohnut.

Incredible product!

It has really changed the game for me. Even on the first try, it was easy to use, despite the awesome green color, it was pretty much undetectable by my partner and I, and it made what was once a very anxiety-ridden experience extremely relaxed and enjoyable. THANK YOU!


The oh-nut is a life changer that allows you to enjoy sex again, especially if you struggle with unexplainable severe pelvic floor pain. I still have issues but these little fellas make room for fun exploration and lots of pleasure. Totally worth it. Don’t deny yourself joy any longer.

Great product

First of all, I was surprised when the product arrive somthing like 5 days after I ordered. We tried it for the first time yesterday. My partner didn't feel like he was wearing something. He did say at the end that he felt a bit different from what he knew, maybe because of the depth of penetration. I was feeling a lot more comfortable and chill. I still had little bit feeling of pressure, but I'm hoping it's a metter of habbit.

Wider Ohnut [Shipping 12/31]

Itttttttttt WORKS (seriously, what?!)

Yall I was so pleasantly surprised by this!! We've only used it once so far, but our takeaway was this:

Issue: he's large/long. I have a lot of pelvic pain/ inflammation so any position that shortens my space is a no go.

Him: expected to be more aware of it, possibly slightly annoyed by it, but actually didn't really notice it at all! No complaints.

Me: expected it to take a position that hurt (like immediately), and make it not hurt (or at least like, be bearable). Not only did it not hurt- it felt good! I was soooo surprised!

Also he is a Trojan magnum XL size- I'm super glad I saw the guide that recommended that size go with the wider ohnut version- it definitely helped and I think the regular would have been awkward or uncomfortable to get on.

Thank you! <3

If you're thinking about it, go for it!

Like another reviewer, my partner and I had tried the original OhNut after learning about how it can help with painful sex. Unfortunately, it was too tight on him and started to get painful after a few minutes. When I saw that OhNut came out with a wider size, I was hesitant, but decided to go for it. I'm so glad I took the plunge! My boyfriend loves it, and we've already used it multiple times this week since getting it. He has no pain with the new rings, and it's made sex so much more enjoyable for me. If you're reading this and wondering whether you should try it, I'd recommend it hands-down!

Win for Endo

I’ve been suffering with stage 4 endometriosis for years with the pain bringing my sex life to a screeching halt. Ohnut has ABSOLUTELY been a game changer for my husband and I. We are BOTH beyond thrilled and cannot stop talking about it (or doing it)! 5 starts is simply not enough stars if you ask us!

Bless It

I have Cervical Extroption and pain and bleeding during sex were pretty severe most of the time which I was worried would effect my sex life with my partner. This product has fixed our sessy time woes! He says it doesn't even feel like they're there and I don't feel the pressure and pain during sex anymore and I certainly no longer bleed. This has been a blessing in our bedroom and I really recommend this for both partners!

Works As Advertised. Five Stars.

High Quality. Descret. Comfortable. Great Value.

It works!!!

Wow. I wasn't really sure what to expect but wow this is so helpful!!! I am able to have sex more often and longer since it isn't as painful. A slight adjustment for my partner but says it is worth it! Will recommend for anyone dealing with pain during sex

Pricey but worth it!

I suffer from endo and a few other conditions that have always caused me pain during sex. Positions are very limited and my partner has to be aware of his depth. I was super nervous at first to use these and try certain positions but these have proved to be amazing! They look super small so I was eeky for his comfort level but they are really stretchy and my partner said they’re pretty comfortable as well.

The perfect fit for the perfect product

My girlfriend and I used to original OhNut with some difficulties. I was too wide to comfortably wear them for any length of time and would cause some pain when I would take them off. And never mind easily adding or removing rings without a mood killing process. We tried several different methods to "stretch" the rings out before playing to no avail.

I reached out to OhNut and heard about the wider versions. We tried them out and were blown away. I could add and remove rings without a hassle, they didn't constrict and cause pain, there was no red or white ring around the shaft after using them, and they helped me prevent from hurting my girlfriend in most positions. Suddenly positions we thought were impossible were now completely possible.

Ditching the anxiety over whether we would be causing each other pain made it so much easier to get into the right head space to truly have a great time in bed. An absolutely amazing product for both men and women.

Works just as intended

Really glad I ordered this. Makes post-complete-hysterectomy sex, in any position, comfortable once again. Really nice. 🎶

We can have sex for just for giggles again!

For a long time, my partner and I have had to make a big stink about sex EVERY SINGLE TIME. She would take up to an hour to be ready for penetration. All the lube in the world didn't fix the problem, I just have... a little more than is easy for her. Ohnut makes it simple! Thank goodness!

The Perfect solution

I have the sort of “problem” most men would be happy to have. That? Combined with a partner who has a history of pelvic trauma made for a very complicated and sometimes accidentally painful bedroom experience. After only 1 use we both knew that OHNUT was the perfect solution. I highly recommend this product!


We love it 😘

Searching for relief

Firstly, I am glad I purchased this product and encourage anyone reading these reviews to take this as your sign to buy an Ohnut. Secondly, without going into too much detail, I was sexually assaulted in 2016 and ever since then my sex life has been very painful and I still don’t have any medical answer as to what exactly is causing me pain. I’ve been told to try lots of lube, different positions, NO sex, and birth control. I’ve done all of that but still have very painful sex. I found Ohnut one day and read the reviews and was so excited because I wanted to cry in happiness after trying my Ohnut too. Unfortunately I didn’t cry in happiness, instead I cried in sadness wondering why i still have pain during sex. Ohnut for me works in most positions but not all of them. This doesn’t change my opinion that Ohnut wasn’t worth the money because it was worth it. I will also note that my husband said he feels the rings are tight on him even after a few uses. In summary, I love my Ohnut and will recommend this product. Thank you!

This is it...

Truly! If you’re here, browsing Ohnut’s website, perhaps you’re looking to try out new sensations, or you’re after something to sloooow things down, or maybe (like me) you came across Ohnut because you experience pain during penetrative sex. Either way, Ohnut has you covered.

Like many other reviewers, I have experienced sexual assault. I also struggle with a tilted cervix and PCOS. For many, many (many!) years, I just thought penetrative sex was uncomfortable?Something to endure? Just not for me? It didn’t matter whether using personal toys, or attempting with a partner, it was unpleasant and I dreaded the thought.

I came across Ohnut after Emma (poss visual designer?) posted about her work on Instagram. AND THANK FUCK FOR THAT!

We’d admired them from afar for a while, and after finally biting the bullet and receiving a discount code, ordered them. Best. Decision. Ever. We waited 6 months for them, as we had them shipped to our parents in the USA and collected at Christmas. SO worth the wait. So worth the price.

We recommend them to all our friends (along with coconut oil and some Mary Jane 👀) and now we’re recommending them to you too. Sex doesn’t have to be painful. Let’s share the love and the sex positive knowledge 💜

Thank you, Ohnut family!

P.s if you have a D, my partner (Jordan) left a very enthusiastic review from that perspective 👻

Superman’s Cape For Your Dick

My wife and I bought these a couple months ago, and she kept begging me to write a review from the man’s perspective of using this product. While we wholeheartedly endorse pain free sex for all parties, this is not that review. This is a review about how putting an Ohnut on is the direct analogous equivalent to putting a +10 to All Stats Legendary Runic Cock Ring of the Gods on your member. When my wife purchased these based on the reviews, I was like, oof, the price. Maybe I’ll feel silly. Maybe it’ll be awkward. Maybe it’ll get in the way. Maybe it won’t be comfortable. I was a fool and I’m happy to admit the error of my ways. Guys, whether you’re enjoying sex with your partner, or yourself, this is leveling up. In my experience (and I’m still learning how to use them to their full advantage!) you will have better girth, less struggle with maintaining erection, better length, better sensation but somehow magically also better control, and your finish will blow your brain into the fourth dimension. Personally, we use ours in conjunction with coconut oil, and it’s like powering up a laser beam. I don’t know how to explain what the experience is like without sounding hyperbolic and absurd. But your solo orgasms and your partners experience will shift dramatically. “But Jordan,” I hear you say, “you surely must have been paid to write the review”. No no, sir or madam. This is a pure outpouring of my utter belief that this product will actually, truly revolutionize your sexual experiences as a man (or any person with a male genitalia). I know the intent is to reduce pain. And that’s GREAT! But the flip side of that is also INCREASING pleasure (unless you’re into that pain, go get it). Not to be too graphic, and I don’t know if they’ll even allow this to be posted, but lying in bed with this on, or even better yet, standing with it on....it’s like you’re standing at the top of the Empire State Building with the sun setting in the background, and the world is your oyster. Buy it. Use it. Enjoy it. And change your sex life for the better, forever.

Saved My Life.

Since getting an IUD and being diagnosed with PCOS, sex had quickly become painful for me, and was something that I was dreading. I saw Ohnut almost a year ago, and didn't jump on it until just a week ago. Let me tell you... these have saved my life, and has made my partner extremely happy that we can have pain free sex again! I am so thankful and will absolutely tell anyone and everyone about them.

Exactly what we needed!

This helped to end the painful moments of our intimate time together. It was easy to clean, soft, and non intrusive. At certain moments it even enhanced certain sensations. We would recommend this to anyone who needs a solution to painful intimacy!

Not big enough

I was SO excited to try this out because I am SO tired of sex hurting and having to tell my partner to back off. Obviously his penis is pretty large... That's how this all started. When we tried the ohnut, we discovered that he is large enough that it is difficult to get on and that once on, it was so stretched that it did not cover enough of him to make a noticeable difference. 😕 I was pretty bummed. I hope in the future you will make larger sizes.

Hi Mallory, thanks for your feedback! We have some good news: there will be a wider Ohnut available very soon! Be on the lookout for an email from us with more details.


Saved our sex life

Worth every penny!

After three years of painful sex, we finally decided to research items to help. We came across the Ohnut and figured it was worth a shot. Usually we’ll do one round and can’t do anymore after that. We used Ohnut for the first time today and she instantly said she feels no pain! For the first time in years we were able to do multiple rounds in a day!! Thank you so much for making an amazing product. Would 10/10 recommend!

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