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These are a life saver


I have Pudendal Neuralgia and intercourse is always painful but after using the ohnut I am able to have a more pleasurable experience. We are still experimenting with how many to use and different positions but I am excited about it and less fearful now of the pain. Thank you for creating this product.

OhNut the Life Saver

Yall, I cannot express how great this product is for our marriage. It allows for pain free sex, I can thrust harder and my wife feels no more pain! I suggest using all 4 rings and get the wide version for sure.

Amazing ✨✨✨✨

The best thing to happen to our sex life! I wish I’d heard about ohnut sooner!!

Absolutely Wonderful

I didn't know that it could be this easy.

I love my rings of protection!

To make it more magical for my partner and I, I call them my rings of protection! It finally lets us enjoy sex without having to hold back and with no worries that I will get hurt in the process! Totally worth it!

Ohnut Buffer Rings
Wendy P.f.t.
Wow what a novel solution -Pelvic floor therapist

This soft, accommodating tool has so much potential. I can educate my clients who will be able to touch the sample product and get familiar with this so that they can buy with confidence.

Life changing!

I purchased the wide rumble bundle with the rings and vibrator. My husband is very well endowed both in girth and length and I am fairly short in the torso. Intercourse has always been painful even with a lot of foreplay. It always felt like it was hitting painfully and intercourse was something I had to endure to please my husband. The ohnut has completely changed intercourse for me. When my husband wears the ring and the vibrator ring there is no pain at all and I can enjoy sex now. The vibrator feels amazing as well. The rings stretch a lot and my husband says they are very comfortable. I also like the soft, buffer feel they give during intercourse where our bodies meet. I am so grateful for the ohnut. I look forward to intimacy with my husband now and don't have to worry about the "painful" part of the night, because there is no more pain! This is truly life changing and our marriage is stronger since I can enjoy all intimacy with him now. Thank you!!!!

we both came


Ohnut Buffer Rings

Very useful!

Awesome product, recommending it to friend, family, and clients!!!


I have been experiencing discomfort from my toys for awhile, so this makes it easier to work my way up and climax slowly without any pain. I’m so happy that I found your website.

Office Demo *WIDER SIZE*
sushma n.

Office Demo *WIDER SIZE*

Game Changer!

We have tried quite a few different lubricants and this one was the best by far, for both of us! From the very first time, we both noticed it stood out from the rest with longer lasting lubrication as well as a much smoother and natural feel! We are very happy we gave this one a try and will most definitely be re-ordering again :)


This is a great company to do business with. Very attentive to your needs!

Not wide enough for my partner

Worked great for me but my partner wished there was an xxl wide size and felt self conscious that it was too tight :(


I’ve got to say, between painful intercourse for me and my husbands super sensitive skin, we’ve tried a number of lubes and were not very impressed by any of them. Ohnuts new lube is the best we’ve used, hands down!! Sex is so much less painful for me, and this lube also doesn’t cause my husband to have a skin reaction! It’s not sticky and it doesn’t take much to get everything slippery! I highly recommend! ❤️

Life Changing

Ever since I can remember, sex has hurt. I really thought pain was just part of sex and normal. Everyone else was dealing with it and not complaining, so why should I?

But the ohnut...oh baby. NO PAIN. Not even a little. I was worried that it might not be good for him, but he loves it. He doesn't have to hold back or worry about hurting me. I've also been jumping his bones every day, so that helps, too!

I really wish this had been around years ago. And that people talked about pain during sex and that it doesn't have to just be endured. If you're on the fence, do it!! Best thing I've ever done for my sex life.

Good but very expensive for Brazil

The product is good but if you count the price of the product, the expensive shipping and the taxes, this product costed me 2 minimum Brazilian salary...

Ohnut Starter Kit

Problem solved

Big gorilla, tiny kitten, problem solved. Too busy to talk now.

Excellent Product

I sent off for these Ohnut’s to support my clients who have anxieties in their sexual dynamics. The Ohnuts are soft and attractive and certainly will give clients back a sense of control over their bodies.

Office Demo *WIDER SIZE*
claudia d.
amazing!! highly recommend

such a great product, so happy to have it now. love texture & color, and the packaging was so cute

Rumble Bundle
Hailey S.
I had no sex life at 22. This gave it back.

I have endometriosis and one of my predominant symptoms is pain with sex. From the moment I lost my virginity, sex hurt. I thought it was like this for everyone. I am over the moon after using the OhNut because I can’t believe that it didn’t hurt during or after sex. It’s amazing what a little bit less going inside the body can do. This thing is seriously revolutionary for women with pelvic diseases. The vibrator attachment is extra fun too! Partner has no complaints too.


I met all expectations. I'm happy.