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Y'all, my fiancé and I have struggled for years to have daily sex - not for lack of interest, but because of the pain and soreness that I always got after each session thanks to his size. I found this on an Instagram ad and decided to try it on our vacation, and we literally had sex every day because of it. It even allowed for multiple sessions in a day which was previously unthinkable. Thank you, Ohnut!

I love Ohnut products

I love that my wife can enjoy sex better now with the Ohnut, I love the case because it makes storing my things easier and it looks better. Thanks for everything :)


Love the Ohnut so much. It has totally revitalized our sex life. We can have more fun because I'm not in fear of pain or discomfort. I'm telling all my friends about it too.

Used it once, love it already!

I've only used Ohnut once and I love it already! Hubby is a bigger size (you know what I mean) and I tend to tense up during sex fearing him going too deep. Because of that, I also get recurring UTIs. Having tried it once, this was the first time I could totally relax and enjoy. I don't know about the UTIs yet, but I'm happy with what I've seen so far already. It took a little bit of convincing with hubby, but he had to admit he didn't even feel when he had it on.

Best Sex Toy Purchase

My partner is quite well-endowed and we enjoy going at it hard most of the time. I have a copper IUD and occasionally I experience some discomfort. This product is perfect for the days when I'm sore but don't want to take the day off. My partner can hardly tell they're on; they fit snug and don't move around but are extremely comfortable. Easy to clean, great quality, overall great purchase.

So Thankful

After enlarged and painful fibroids followed by an abdominal hysterotomy last year I thought I was never going to have sex without pain. I'm 31, far too young to feel like I cannot enjoy something I wanted to so badly. The Ohnut not only makes me able to feel painless pleasure again with my partner, but he also says the sensation feels great and its not a comically obvious sex aide. We are both thrilled.

Best Sex Toy Purchase

I bought these because my wife looked into them and thought they'd be a good idea to make sex a little bit better for her and hopefully still as good for me. Thankfully after purchasing and trying them out I can say they are worth every penny! My wife is more satisfied and happier to have sex and I still feel amazing as well. The Ohnuts don't take any longer to put on than a condom if you stack them prior (stack them prior... It's awkward stacking while they're on) and they give you the feeling of deeply penetrating without hurting your spouse who can now focus on enjoying sex instead of embracing pain. They are also really easy to clean and come with a small cloth bag to place them in if you don't want to have side conversations about Ohnuts which is entirely up to you. Overall, I 100% would recommend.

Ohnut Set of 4
Gilles S.
A great and needed tool!

The OHNUT has been a great tool for being more present in pleasure with my partner. Really and truely a game-changer.

One important feedback/suggestion: Me and my partner predominantly use silicone based toys for penetrative sex, and am curious about tips and tricks for using the Ohnut on non body-based objects (Silicone, Glass, etc). When the item it goes around is a bit more rigid/smooth than the ohnuts themselves, there tends to be a 'slippage' that we are navigating successfully, but would benefit from some tips and tricks!


I like it. It helps to prevent get too deeply into my couple and she is feeling more secure so, she actually can enjoy more.

Wider needs wider

I bought the Ohnut wider with hopes of alleviating painful intercourse for my wife due to a tilted uterus. We gave it a try twice, but the "wider" was so tight around it was extremely uncomfortable and restrictive. Perhaps the tilted uterus isn't the sole reason for her discomfort. Anyway, I had high hopes for these little rings. Turned out to be the same as every other "wider" or "magnum", which is just too small for me.

Hi Jon, thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback! We may offer another size option in the future, but in the meantime you may benefit from stretching the Ohnut rings out prior to use. Simply stretch the rings around a bottle at least 3' in diameter and leave for a couple hours. This should temporarily give you a little more room and improve the fit.


We can finally have sex again. As a woman with PCOS, Endometriosis, recent vaginal surgery, and a partner with an above average penis size- we had sex maybe 3 times a year where I was always in pain . We now can have sex regularly and it has made our relationship so much better. Thank you Ohnut for inventing this product!

Totally worth it!

For most, a well endowed partner is great. For me, it was a nightmare. Until I found out about these cool let gadgets. I avoided intercourse because of pain related to depth but these buffers are a game changer.


This helped our situation so much. These should be part of standard sex education, along with menstrual cups. These things make life so much better.

OHNUT worked for us.

The Ohnut does what it purchased to do, that is there is no more painful sex so what else can I say. Other than cutting an inch off this wasn't a bad choice.

Ohnut Set of 4
Didn’t work for us

After reading such positive reviews, I had high hopes this would help alleviate painful penetration during intercourse many months after pelvic floor surgery. We did not find it so helpful and wondering what we are doing wrong? It’s awkward going on, comes easily apart and didn’t really help much when it was on. I guess we can try try again.

Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback on Ohnut! We've emailed you separately to see how we can help improve your Ohnut experience.

Can something so small change everything?

Yes. Yes it can. I am tiny. My boyfriend... not so much. At the risk of revealing too much, I have a problem with little tears and sex injuries. We decided to give this a try, and I can't even describe how surprised we were at the difference it made. It is so soft and pliable and made all the difference. Sex without constantly having to pull back or take it easy, and resulting in no tears for me. I want to cry just thinking about it, for both of us. I told my boyfriend last night: Do you know why this is so amazing? Women made it. 😂 Honestly though. Something so small can change everything. Three cheers and happy tears for pain-free sex!

Wife didn’t like it

Ohnut Set of 4
Samantha J.
Danger noodle volume 2: electric noodleoo

Buyers beware: this product is the work of the devil himself. No sooner did I put this heathen magic on my danger noodle did I discover the bliss of the old gods with my wife. Interpret that as you will, dear reader, but I assure you that this is a product worth trying yourself.

If you’ve ever thought about this, it’s worth it.

Alright ya’ll, I have a copper IUD which if you don’t know works by creating inflammation so that implantation can’t occur and since I got it I’ve experienced some cervix pain during sex that I didn’t deal with prior. I like the IUD itself and the hormone free route so we got the Ohnut to see if it would help. LAWD I HAVE NO ISSUES NOW and we typically start with 2-3 and work down from there depending on how I’m feeling. My boyfriend can’t even tell it’s on or impacting depth and you can use it to play around before insertion too 😉

Doing The Trick

Seem to be helping and requires little effort.

It Works

It definitely helps a lot! Way more comfortable

Best lil mug!

Arrived quickly and it’s perfect!

Ohnut Set of 4
Sharon C.
great for dildos

I don't need this for sex but I'd try if I had to. for sex toys like dildos you actually need this product way more! Many stores right now ONLY sell really long toys and they feel awful slamming into your cervix, so the OhNut is needed to remedy this.

Excellent product

My partner and I were having difficulties with penetration for over 6 months until we discovered ohnut. It is an orgasm saving product that is very comfortable to use, easy to clean and barely noticeable beyond the first use. Highly recommend it and the bigger width is definitely worth it!

Everyone should try this! First time without pain in years!

I did so much looking into this product before I bought. Finally bought it and me and my husband tried it and OMG it was great. I have been experiencing pain during sex for quite a while, I'm a S.A. survivor and my skin could not recover correctly. With Ohnut, it felt like a dream! My husband is a big fan, too! Its made of such a soft material that great on both our sensitive skin, and it feels like nothing there! Definitely telling friends about this and coming back to this website to buy some of the other products. Thank you!

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