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Life changing

With having endometriosis and adenomyosis this has been a huge game changer for my partner and I. I wish I would’ve found this so much sooner!


Since we've received them there is so much less pain and I love the adjustability for the different days

Oh My Ohnut!

I owe you Ohnut! I am a cancer survivor, I completed 25 rounds of radiation a few months ago and ended up with a fistula which limited our penetration and required some TLC. The Ohnut has been wonderful for our relationship while we reintroduce intercourse and I feel at ease knowing the Ohnut is aiding in keeping me safe and my husband satisfied.

I’m not broken!

After years of painful penetrative sex, I felt doomed. I consulted doctors and was told I was healthy. I couldn’t figure out why I experienced SO much pain. This made me fear sex, and caused me some relationship trouble because my partner didn’t feel attractive or loved. When we found one position that didn’t hurt, I thought I’d reached the peak of my sexual existence. I decided to buy Ohnut after a year of thinking about it. It was SUCH a good decision!!! Now I don’t have to fear pain. The rings are easy to put on, take off, and clean. Comfortable for both of us the whole time. I can’t tell you how relieving it is to know I don’t have to cry from painful sex ever again. I’m not broken - I just needed the right tools. Thank you for making this.

Great Little Tool

As someone who deals with deep pelvic pain during intercourse the Ohnut was recommended to me. The rings stack up so easily and nicely and they feel great! My partner and I hardly feel them there. We started with four and we hope to slowly take one away as my body adjusts. So far I am extremely happy and impressed with this product. I am also so happy that there is something out there for people like myself who struggle with painful intercourse.

Great for her, great for me

Feels great for both of us. Only downside is i think it may be TOO good for me. Causes a little bit of a faster conclusion if you catch my drift.

High quality

From the concept and product to the staff and response team I can say that without a doubt this company has your best interest at heart. The silicone that the product is made from is very soft and extremely stretch resistant making it strong and insuring a lasting product. Without going into detail I will say that I’ve had my own issues with the product regarding size but frankly for most men the sizing is great. When presenting this complaint through email I was immediately given advice in hopes of alleviating the issue and apologized to in a way that felt human and honest. Despite my specific circumstances I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone who might need it and I’m sure I will get a bigger size when it becomes available.

The solution!

I absolutely love this product! It has been the solution to more comfortable and safer sex for me. Thank you so so much for creating a product like this!

Deep-P for an IUD

This product has changed the game for my partner and I! She has an IUD and we normally have to be very careful with depth and hitting her cervix too rough. Before, being cautious would interfere with enjoying each other.

After trying the Ohnut we are now able to enjoy each other, as we did pre-IUD, without any fear of me hurting her!

As for fit, being on the larger side, there was no problem with circulation and finishing. It also feels amazing and doesn’t interfere with any sensations.

We are very pleased with this product and will be incorporating it into all playtime!

Thank you

Eased my mind after hysterectomy!!!

All the D, none of the pain

I'm a gal who doesn't have any of the conditions listed in the Ohnut prescription. I'd say, luckily, my pussy is pretty darn average.

My husband's dick, on the other hand, is not average. Hubby is HUNG. He has a fabulous dick. I love it. But I gotta say; it can be a lot for one girl to take. He has to be very gentle, and go very slowly, and some positions are just out of the question. If we ever just go at it, it's a painful experience for me, and I walk like a cowgirl the next day - no joke. More often than not, there's bleeding after.

Thank God for the Ohnut! We needed all four rings, but once they were on - woo hoo! We could let loose! Fast train to Pound Town! I finally got the harder penetration I craved without the painful stretching/cervix bashing. In fact, I'd say I got -more- g-spot stimulation than usual because it refocused the friction where I actually wanted it. Hubby had a blast, too - no stress, no worrying about me, he could cut a rug and he said there was no reduction in sensation for him, and no discomfort from the rings.

Thanks, Ohnut!
Big D and Little P
Pound Town, USA

I was surprised how well these worked!

I've been struggling with painful sex for a while now. Ohnut allowed for the anxiety surrounding painful sex to (mostly) go away! And allowed me to actually be able to do other positions, rather than just one. The rest would cause me pain. My partner and I are both pleasantly surprised!

Terrible, too tight

This helped me because he was going too deep but it was way too tight for him. He described it as a penis chokehold. Do not buy if you have any girth.

Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback! If Ohnut feels too tight for your partner, we recommend stretching the rings before use (see our FAQ) or trying the Wider Ohnut. We've also sent you an email to see how else we may be able to help.

No pain, all fun

After experiencing some pain during sex for the past few years, I addressed it with my gyno and she recommended Ohnut - and thank goodness she did! My partner and I loved these - me because it removed all pain and him because we could go much longer :)

Can finally go as far as i want...and her too!

Weve been married for 10 years...and could only do things a certain way! Since i bought these wide onuts, its been much better for her! Shes actually excited to do other ways and the confidence is growing, knowing she won't get hurt or have pain when we have our play time...


Having Endometriosis is hard enough without people especially doctors not believing your pain. This mug expresses those feelings in a way that I can laugh it away now

Sex is fun again!

I had 3 surgeries after complications from a hysterectomy. Sex was difficult, I had some scarring and a well endowed partner made certain positions and more robust thrusting off limits. Thankfully, I found OhNut! My partner says that he doesn't notice it while it's on but I notice that penetration is shallower so I can relax and enjoy sex more. Thank you!

so cute!

The perfect mug to enjoy my anti-inflammatory tea with and/or fluids to take pain meds with. If I'm gonna be sippin' with chronic pain, at least I'm sippin' in style.

LOVE this mug!

The design is adorable and the cup has a comfortable hold.

This Product Rocked Our World

First time using it tonight and dang! About a 50-70% decrease in pain during sex. Impressive! Never had a toy, product, change in technique, or lube type that was able to achieve these kinds of results. Creators of this product should be so proud— what a contribution you have made for women everywhere. 10 stars.

would recommend

These really help for all my women and men struggling with more than enough length. Of course they don’t affect girth (I wasn’t expecting them to) but they make sex more pleasurable than I thought it could be. My partner and I have only ever been with each other since high school and we didn’t realize sex could be a painless experience for me. We start with three and usually end up with only two staying on and this process works veryyy well. We’re happy we got the wider set, any tighter and it would be uncomfortable on my boyfriend. Oh and he claims he can’t notice them at all “they feel like a second skin” so if any guys are worried about that, don’t be.

Haven't used them yet

...blasted covid has halted the ability to use these yet but im eagerly awaiting this changes.
I'm REALLY wishing these were around 20+ yrs ago!

This is an amazing buy!!!

This product is amazing. I purchased this item as sometimes, depending on the position, I experience pain when my partner reaches my cervix. I ordered the wider one for my boyfriend and I since the size chart said to go wider if unsure and it was perfect. Super easy to use, got it right on the first try. I was able to do multiple positions that regularly we have to be careful with, with no pain! I would recommend this to anyone struggling with pelvic pain 100%.

Much more sex

Before the ohnut, me and my boyfriend essentially stopped having sex because we were so worried about hurting each other and it just became unfun. Now that we have the ohnut our sex life has increased and we can confidently go into the bedroom and enjoy eachother. Its easy to use and care for. All i wish is that it came in different colors!


These really work. No disconnection on either side. We both enjoyed them very much.

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