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Brilliant Product

As I've gotten older my cervix has become more sensitive. So sensitive that certain positions I used to enjoy now cause nauseating cramps for hours, sometimes to the point of throwing up (real talk).
This product has changed my sex life. I no longer fear the pain. My partner and I can try all the different positions without fear. Ohnut is comfortable for both me and my partner. It is easy to put on with or without a condom (water or silicon-based lube definitely helps in all the ways, lol). It is easy to use and clean. It has changed my sex life for the better. Seriously. I cannot recommend it enough.
Thank you all for making such a wonderful product!!! The need is real.

Ohnut Buffer Rings
Jonathan C.
More sex for us

Before we got this my wife was usually too sore for more sex on consecutive days or even with in a couple of days. But after this purchase the soreness has been severly reduced. So now we can have sex far more frequently. Thanks for this

Perfect for us

We've used these a few times and are already very happy with them. They completely eliminated her pain and I could barely tell the difference.

Ohnut Buffer Rings
William W.G.
Best sex in years.

My wife and I were able to have 'normal' (face-to-face) sex pain-free(!) for the first time since her hysterectomy. The Ohnut felt natural to my wife - less noticeable than a condom - and eliminated all her pain!
For years we had to limit ourselves to particular positions that did not feel painful to my wife. Sensing my wife relaxed during face-to-face sex for the first time in years was incredible.
We started with 2 rings (some pain) and then went to 4 (no pain - yay!). We plan to start with 3 next time.
The rings are cool for the guy - I did not even notice when my wife slipped them on me the first time.
It makes it fun and intimate.
The female focused messages on the packaging are very touching.

Pain experienced during intercourse has such lasting trauma, before we tried Ohnut we thought we would never sense pain-free sex again.

Thank you Emily.

Simply works

I'm average average and as we have gotten
older things became painful for my wife with deep penetration which is hard to control. Ohnuts have brought back the big Oh and a smile for both of us.

new favorite mug

I received this a few days before the leaked Supreme Court decision draft and have basically used it to stay sane ever since.

Perfect timing aside, this mug is smooth, a great size, and lovely to hold.

Sex without Pain

The Ohnut has literally saved our relationship. My boyfriend is so large that he was going too deep no matter which position we tried. I was dealing with cramps and spotting all the time. With the Ohnut, I don’t have to worry more about a bruised cervix than enjoying good sex and having orgasms without pain. It’s a world of difference!

Sex more often

I am a little on the bigger size and this would only allow me and my wife to have sex once to twice a week, because the pain for her could linger for 2-3 days after sex. We were looking for a solution and found OhNuts, these buffers have improved our sex life, we have been having sex almost daily now, no pain just pleasure. Thank you oh nuts.

(Sex) Life Changing!!

I have never been able to experience pain free sex. I have been with my husband for 19 years. I am finally able to enjoy thrusting and not be in fear of agonizing pain. I have pelvic congestion syndrome and a tight pelvic floor, which causes agony if he hits me a certain way. I have literally never experienced an orgasm as intense as I have with these rings. In part because I’m not afraid and also because usually pain will stop my orgasms in their tracks. I am back for my second set. We need it for his length. Seriously amazing. I usually dread sex and it feels like a chore that I try to do once a month. Now I’m actually thinking it’s fun and I’ve been asking for it a couple times a week… It sure makes a difference when you aren’t in agony.

The Best Thing Ever

I had painless sex for the first time ever and was totally amazed!! I was a little hesitant about the price but it was totally worth it!!

Good for vagina having person, not so great for penis having person

It works great for controlling the depth of penetration, but the wide version is still too tight around my penis. Waiting and hoping for the next size up.

Long Johns Rejoice! OhNut has changed how we have sex

Downstairs my wife is petite and I bring the heat. Originally we thought it was nerves that was making sex difficult - and even painful. After two children and 10+ years of marriage we were still limited to a single position with little to no thrusting on my part for fear of wrecking the mood or pain.

We have used the bumper three times in the last week, in three different positions, actually being able to thrust! She likes it because she does not have to constantly worry about getting hurt or torn and I like it because she is able to relax and actually have fun with sex now - plus I can thrust without worrying about hurting her.

We use four bumpers and it is a great depth that we both can enjoy.

Highly recommend!

Ohnut is Life Changing

After nearly 4 years together, my fiance and I felt we had learned to accept our sex life had its limitations, both in frequency and creativeness. Not due to a lack of willingness, but physical hurdles that sometimes just can't be easily worked around We enjoyed our intimacy, but too often - in the most inopportune moments - the pain of certain motions or positions just became too much for it to be enjoyable for her, and therefore myself as well. In the first two times we've used Ohnut, it's become the best sex of our lives, no question. To know she is complety able to relax, not have to hide or communicate any pain or discomfort, and enjoy the moment, allows me to relax as well. Ohnut has truly been a godsend and a solve to an issue that we all but accepted would just be our reality of an ongoing issue in our intimacy. No more! Thank you so much!

Back in the saddle!

We had moved away from intercourse due to pain my wife now experiences with deep penetration. She’s protected and I can go to town!! Great tool.

Nice back stop!

Feels great and I the wife loves them! Now I can really get after it without worrying about hurting my old lady

We can finally enjoy sex again

Sex was scary and potentially painful every time. Nothing is more distracting than thinking that one wrong move could cause sharp pain at any minute. We can get at it with confidence knowing no matter what position, it’s going to feel great.

Very happy with the Ohnut

We've been testing the different amount of rings in different positions and the Ohnut works well on both receiving and giving end. As a receiver I loved the 3 rings the most. 4 felt like teasing (might be fun for denial play), 3 was pleasant, 2 hurt a bit and 1 was pretty same as none =hurts. We also tried reversing roles using a strapless strap-on and my husband liked 4 rings for cowgirl position. It's easy to connect the parts and remove rings one by one. Great quality product and great addition to our toy selection. Highly recommended.


Great product, soft and supple and works great on dialators, for my wife's pelvic floor therapy. We believe it will work great for future intercourse. Thank you

Outstanding for my clinical work!

As a sex therapist and educator, I work a lot with pain during sex and self-pleasure. My clients aren't nervous to engage with this as a potential tool towards painless sex. Ohnut is changing lives! It WORKS!


Not Too Old Yet

I tease my husband that I ordered the Ohnut Rings for him for his 75th birthday. I wish I could say that they’ve helped a lot with pain from my shortened vagina after surgery. They certainly have not made anything worse and they forced my husband (of 52 years!) and I to have some frank discussions, which is good. Problem is, at my age I have several issues which the Ohnut Rings cannot address which continue to cause pain and make me less enthusiastic about sex. But we are working on them and will keep on keeping it up!

Surprisingly Cushy

Low key thought the hubs would hate it. It’s the tits y’all. No cramping or spotting after sex and trust me it doesn’t hinder feeling. Wish it came with a case (not a baggy) but we love. I love. Highly recommend.

Upsides and Upsides

My partner is a little bit too…Ahem long for me and it has been causing pain and discomfort during sex. Purchasing the OHNUT has absolutely solved that issue entirely. We have only had pleasurable experiences since! No pain at all and it has raised my sex drive as well. Another upside is that my lovely partner no longer holding himself back out of fear of hurting me and can fully enjoy the experience as well.

Favorite Think I Have Ever Bought, EVER

In my entire life I have only written one review: a paper comment card expressing my extreme displeasure when my local pizza joint got rid of their Ms. Pac-Man arcade game. What a short-sighted fiasco that was. What I'm saying is: I'm not a 'reviewer'; it took a monumental act of incompetence to motivate me to write my only other review. With that out of the way comes my first positive review: my girl and I had such a good thing going but came to the conclusion we were 'sexually incompatible'. We tried everything we could think of: different positions, medical exams, therapy, and nothing worked. I honestly thought she wasn't that into me. We even broke up for some time. Then these little beauties came along to save the day. Sex went from a painful, frustrating, anxiety-inducing, infrequent experience to an absolute cheek-clapping, pipe-laying, railing type of situation. We're talking being lost in the desert on the verge of starvation to milk and honey. We're coming up with new positions and rhythms. Also, huge bonus: all holes are back on the table...or the kitchen floor or wherever else we end up. I would have paid tens of thousands of dollars to professionals if I thought they could have solved a fraction of what the Ohnut has done. Didn't think this type of 180 was possible. Best purchase I have ever made. Worth more to me than my apartment or car or even my bellybutton lint collection. You can't put a price on that kind of happiness and fulfillment.

Worth it

Was a bit worried about buying them based on price and feeling silly for needing them but they are worth it!
I currently use 2-3 rings (depending on position) and it has changed my view on sex and helped my relationship
My partner says it still feels the same and he doesn't mind wearing them.
I bought the normal standard size and they have a decent amount of stretch on them.