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Learning curve met

Original size was not too comfortable so ordered the wider-makes a big difference

Rumble Bundle
Just What We Needed

I could go on and on about how great this company is and how wonderful my experience has been. My boyfriend and I started looking into different options when sex became consistently painful for me, and I was really excited when I found this product! It also immediately made me think of bumpercars, and who doesn't love that. I had a great experience with my first order. Although the vibration device I got was faulty, when I submitted a request to exchange it, the automatic email told me I'd get a response within 72 hours. Not more than a few hours later did I get a response! Communication with this company is great, the packaging was discrete, and the product has gone above and beyond my expectations. Pain isn't an issue I have to worry about anymore and has helped give me back my confidence. My boyfriend says it's comfortable to wear and so far we haven't had any issues with the vibration ring moving or shifting downward. Highly recommend!!

Great Product!!

It is amazing how great this works! Genius idea!

Chronic Pain Girly

I’ve been struggling with chronic pain and intimacy after an injury 6 years ago and the ohnut has made me feel safe to be touched and able to focus on sex rather than worrying about being hurt. I’m so so grateful!

Worry and pain free

This product has not only helped with avoidance of the dreaded cervix hit (ouch), but presently being pregnant this device gives my husband and I peace of mind to have intercourse without him inadvertently hurting me or causing risk to our fetus. Great product and I'm sure we'll use it long after baby arrives. (Tip- do put a little lube on the shaft so it slides in nicely). Enjoy pain and worry free fun ;)


For all the ladies Who are in pain while having sex, try it! After three years of pain, not being comfortabele, and crying during sex, this product made a difference. I can relax now and enjoy sex with my husband. Try it. You are important.

Pain Free Connection

My wife has been suffering from pelvic floor pain for several years, making intimate connection a struggle. OhNut has been a complete game-changer for us - she is now pain free, and the experience and connection for both of us has improved beyond measure. Thank you, OhNut!

Great for us!

We're really glad we got it. It's helped us be more comfortable.

Relief finally

My wife no longer feels anxiety about the potential for pain during sex. She actually is truly looking forward to sex again. Thank you Ohnut

It is very helpful

We've really enjoyed using Ohnut. It has made sex much more comfortable and enjoyable. It went from being difficult and painful to easy!


Not only do the regular ohnut rings help to keep sex pain free but this ring is easily added to the regular rings and adds even more pleasure! it is easy to clean, use and recharge. I would definitely recommend.

Ohnut Depth-Limiting Rings

Great product!

My partner loves these, usually I only put on 2 but sometimes we put on 3 or 4 for particularly deep/intense penetration.

Worked like a charm!

Started with all four, but eventually all the rings could come off. Best piv sex I’ve had in years.

Great!!even Better than before surgery

My wife had surgery down there and it was very painful for her and this saved our love life thank you ohnut

Rumble Bundle
Richard B.

Rumble Bundle

Rumble Bundle
Ryan K.
Saved my marriage

Your product has saved my marriage from a sure divorce. Nothing was working, we couldn’t get close so the pain she had while we had sex. But now after the ohnut rig and vibrating ring we have gotten back to being able to get close once again and enjoy it. Thank you.


We are so grateful to have received samples of Ohnut for our clinical office. We reference them often with our clients as aids to comfortable sex.

Def does the job!

It was pretty interesting and fun using these. Please know that only silicone or water based lube is to be used with the rings. I highly recommend silicone, just a little goes a long way. I wish the company sold individual rings! My husband needs just one more ring to make the experience all together “perfect.” Other than that no complaints. My husband hardly noticed they were there and mentioned he was finally able to just let go and have fun. Sex should be fun, not complicated. I wish I would have def tried this a long time ago.


Love the sense of comfort and ease these provide. And they don't bother my partner at all.

Taking the plunge

3 Rings right out of the box, no pun intended, was perfect for our first experience.

Rumble Bundle
Beau M.
Bigger circumference option would be nice

They definitely work, however are a little restrictive. I need to try stretching them on a water bottle, but another size up above what's offered would be nice


So grateful that my Pelvic Floor PT told me about this product… total game changer! Highly recommend.

Rumble Bundle
Does what I suspected it would!

The rumble is more powerful than I expected. The rumble bundle gets 5 stars. Well made, does everything advertised. Thank you, I’m a fan.

Hysterectomy friendly!

When I first heard about Ohnut it was from a hysterectomy support page. Hearing horror stories of tearing cuffs* I wanted to protect mine. This product did the job of protecting me, and we both got to enjoy sex without worry. My husband said that the texture and the hug of the rings are just right, he was truly impressed. We will definitely be buying more, I have a feeling we will be wearing ours out sooner than expected 😁.
*cuff- if they removed cervix you have a cuff.