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Why is Sex Painful? Pt. II

The highly anticipated sequel.  Wondering why you’re “OW”ing instead of “OH”ing? Welcome to the second installment o...

Why is Sex Painful? Pt. I

Endo, fibroids, and surgery, oh my Painful sex and tootsie pops have one unlikely thing in common: they come in many ...

The 12 Names of Ohnut

On the first day of Ohnut my true love gave to me... 1. Penis bumper Like bumper cars. But sexier. And less violent....

Physical Therapy for Your Vagina: A World Tour

AKA, the French know what they’re doing. Eugenia Loli from http://eugenialoli.tumblr.com/ When you think of physica...

VIDEO: 103 yr-old Aunt Ruthy meets Ohnut

Hear what Emily's 103 year old Great Aunt Ruthy had to say :)

The Joy of Anatomy

  Given the generally abysmal state of sex ed across the globe, and how female genitalia can be mysterious (read: co...

VIDEO: Ohnut Testimonials

Listen to what our customers think!

Unspoken: The Sexual Pain Gap

There’s nothing less sexy feeling than unwanted pain when you’re getting down, and unfortunately, it’s way more commo...

The intersection of HealthTech and Pelvic Health

Life’s too short for painful sex. Unfortunately, nearly three out of four women and female-bodied individuals will ex...

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